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New blog entries will appear at

  • The unified Database Consulting Group site.

    We're moving to a new platform that will allow users to create articles, submit feature requests and overall have a more intuitive experience.  The existing forums and blog will remain largely … more

  • Dataphor 3.0 is production ready!

    Along with addressing a number of defects, the new release includes:

    - Upgrade to .Net 4.0. Dataphor now runs on the latest version of .Net.

    - 64 bit support. Dataphor no longer … more

  • WorkerQueue class for WPF, Silverlight, and WP7

    In building the Silverlight client for Dataphor, we built a simple helper class that makes asynchrony much easier to deal with. This class has proven useful for composing UI logic for several other … more

  • Silverlight Popup positioning

    I found myself frustrated recently with the positioning of Popups in Silverlight. I was surprised that web searches didn't seem to turn up accurate information, so I'll offer some things I've found … more

  • Migrating a Remoting Service to WCF

    The Need To Migrate

    In extending Dataphor to include a Silverlight client, one of the biggest changes that had to be made was the communication layer. Since its initial version, … more

  • Porting a large .NET application to Silverlight

    If you've followed the latest in the Dataphor wiki you'll know we're building a Silverlight client for Dataphor.  From the sound of "new client", one would think this effort would involve … more

  • Progress On Dataphor

    Progress on the Dataphor front has been slow but steady for a long time now. Recently, however, thanks to support from the community as well as targeted investment from Dataphor users, we have been … more

  • Silverlight 2 missing features

    I've had this rant rotting in my notes for too long, time to post.  The topic is features that were in WPF but are missing from Silverlight 2.  Now that Silverlight 3 is in beta, this … more

  • State of the UNION

    DCG has been very quiet for some time.  Not much activity on any of our sites, and our and sites have been down for a couple weeks.  Though this doesn't look good, … more

  • Spending Moore's Dividend

    This excellent paper from James Larus at Microsoft Research discusses how software abstractions and raised software … more